How To Have The Correct Posture When Using The Computer?

There are three stages of an adult that uses their personal laptop. It starts by being seated, then slowly leaning back and then lying down completely on the bed using the computer. As much as it looks humorous, it can cause many side effects later on in life. Especially those who work full time behind a computer screen need to take extra precaution when it comes to their posture. Why is it important to have a good posture when you use the laptop? It’s important for your physiques and your vision. We always ignore the countless warnings by parents and doctors about our posture. Here’s a few tips to help you have a good posture. 

The computer screen 

It’s textbook that you have to place the computer screen at the correct eye level. Many people are struggling with computer vision syndrome in the long term. Centre the screen directly in front of you, Position the computer screen above seated eye level. Place your seat an arms distance from the computer screen. You don’t have to crouch your back and keep your face close to the screen. Reduce the brightness level that can cause too much glare to your eyesight. View more information here 

The seating position 

Crouching and hunching will only make your body posture go from bad to worse. Remember that you will be using the computer for a quite a long amount of time. Make sure you have chair that is comfortable enough. Place yourself in the chair and Thrust your hips as further as they can go in the seat. You can adjust your chair to the correct height to have your feet horizontal on the ground and to make sure your lower back has support. 

Take a break  

It’s important that you take a pause and relax your fingers and eyesight. If you keep focusing on one thing for a long time and typing several documents at one go, you might regret that decision later on when you come back and find that your lower back has cramps. It’s essential that you give your vision a good rest. Having distractions around your desk like a massage ball can keep your fingertips relaxed for the next set of documents. There are so many accounts of myopia Hong Kong reported. This is because people tend to stare at the computer for a long time and now the images in a far off distance gets blurred. Placing a plant in your desk can be a good therapy for your vision. 

Ergonomics are the forgotten golden rules when it comes to using the computer in the healthiest way possible. Having a bad posture can cause long term effects. This is why it’s essential that you start taking your posture seriously when using the computer.